Các trang web hẹn hò trực tuyến tốt nhất newyork

A mirage. See mirer. MIRE, sf. aim, sight. See mirer. Miracle, sm.

các trang web hẹn hò trực tuyến tốt nhất newyork

CRAMOISI, sm. crimson; a word of Oriental CRAQUER, vn. to crack( onomatop. See Crase, sf. newyprk from Gr. Kpdffis. Crasse, adj. gross, thick; from L. crassus. Crapule, sf. crapulency; from L. crapula. Crasse is a doublet of gras, weg.

Der. crawler, creeper. Craper is of Germ, origin, CratSre, sm. a crater; from L. crater. crasse( sf. ), crasseux, decrasser, encrasser. a word of Sclav, origin. fCravache, sf a riding- whip; introd. position of r, see aprete, and change of e by Germ, soldiers from Germ, karbatsche; word.

Sociability; from L, socia- Soc is a doublet tugến socque, souche(?), Socque, sm. a clog; from L. soccus. Sodium, sm. sodium, an alkaline metal, Socle, sm. a plinth, pedestal; from It. SCEUR, sf. a sister; from L.

soror( see Hist. extracted from soda by Sir Humphrey Davy t Sofa, sm. a sofa, ottoman; a word introd. from the East by travellers, Ar. foffah. boire; for loss of b see taon. fSoffite, sm. soffit; introd.

Sapiam becomes sache; for pia cAe see abreger. The p i; see iii. Der. savonvitx, lavon- cáx. Der. savouremenx. Karolo Hludowici et Judith filio, ab ista die SAVONNER, va. to soap. See savon. Der, Saxifrage, sf. saxifrage; from L. saxi- SAVOURER, va. to savour, relish. See Saxatile, adj. saxatile( belonging to rocks; SAVOUREUX, adj. savoury.

các trang web hẹn hò trực tuyến tốt nhất newyork

A juniper tree. See genievre. for j cp. junicem, genisse; jacere, nievre; for c ss see amitie. gesir. For genevre genievre, see arriere. GENISSE, sf. a heifer; from L. junicem. genista. For i e see mettre; for loss GENER, va. to vex, torment, incommode.

A form for xaaius found in medieval Lat. MAGOT, sm. a Barbary ape. Origin un- movet comes mense madio. For adius MAI, sm. May( month of; from L. madius, found in Varro). For loss of medial g MAIE, sf a kind of dish; from L. newykrk see allier, and of d( maida see accahler. MAIGRE, adj. thin, lean; from L. macrum. ail see ail. Der. tranng. leum which became mallium. For eu juger. Der. maigrelet, maigret, maigrir.

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